So, can we afford to operate a NO Lose raffle ?

Sure we can! But we realize it all may sound "too good to be true" which doesn't change the fact that this raffle truly is a real-life win-win situation.

The raffle will take in US$2,499,000 all of which will be returned in the form of prizes. The odds have been designed in such a way that the amount refunded will be a little more than the amount taken in, with the excess (9%) being derived from the Prospectus advertising budget of $1.5 million and used as an extremely cost-effective advertising and marketing exercise.

It makes sense for us. It makes sense for you.

If you're not absolutely convinced about the merits of our NO LOSS raffle then we will understand (this opportunity isn't for everyone). If you choose not to participate you will not hear from us again.

On the other hand, if you can see that the odds are heavily stacked in your favour and you wish to have a chance to win a house and land package on a tropical island valued at $375,000 + (or any one of the other 70 prizes) then we suggest you act now to secure your stake in this amazing no-risk raffle.

Don't delay. Buy today.