1st Prize - a 3 bedroom house in Paradise island:

One of the largest lots/homes (value $375,600) will be won by the first winning ticket drawn (average odds of 3,054:1).

2nd Prize - a 2 bedroom house in Paradise island:

One of the middle size lots/homes (value $303,600) will be won by the 2nd winning ticket drawn (average odds of 3,054:1).

3rd Prize - a 1 bedroom house in Paradise island:

One of the smallest size lots/homes (value $166,800) will be won by the 3rd winning ticket drawn (average odds of 3,054:1).

4th Prize - 1 lucky winner will receive $50,000 in cash.

5th Prize - 2 lucky winners will receive $25,000 in cash each.

6th Prize - 5 lucky winners will receive $10,000 in cash each.

7th Prize - 10 lucky winners will receive $ 5,000 in cash each.

8th Prize - 50 lucky winners will receive $ 2,000 in cash each.

9th Prize -This is the most amazing feature of our Turtle Bay Raffle...
If you missed out on all the prizes you will get all of your ticket money back on the Distribution Date*

No other raffle in the world has such favourable odds for such valuable prizes!

For the mathematically minded, the average odds are just 43:1 that you will win a prize and about 1,018:1 that you will win one of the three luxury sea front homes. But if you miss out on the houses, you are still in the running for one (or more) of the 68 substantial cash prizes!

Remember, even if you miss out on the houses, you are still in the running to be one of 68 lucky winners of substantial cash prizes.

But if you are not one of the lucky 71 prize-winners, then you will simply get your stake money back in full.

This offer is strictly limited to 2,499 tickets of $1,000 each but the good news is that you can buy up to 5 tickets all with the same money back guarantee… We'll say it again!…if you don't win a prize you will get your ticket money back.

To secure your chance to win a luxury island retreat in paradise you need to act now and BUY your ticket(s) before it's too late.

But first, just to make sure that you are confident that you really want to try your luck in our amazing NO LOSS Raffle, we have a little FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) information for you.

1. Q. There are thousands of scams on the internet; who the FAQ do we think we are?

A. We are an established "land bank" company that holds over 3,500 hectares of land (worth many millions of Dollars), on the island of Espiritu Santo, the largest island in Vanuatu. You can see the actual properties listed on our website (in Vanuatu, by law, there is no freehold, only 75 year leases). Of that land, 105 hectares is now slated for development as the Turtle Bay project described in our prospectus.

2. Q. How can you give me my money back if I don't win?

A. We are using our own money (from our advertising budget) to promote the launch of our Prospectus and, of course, Vanuatu. Therefore, we think that since you (and your fellow ticket buyers) are helping us in this endeavour, it’s only fair that all the money should go back to you (in fact, we are returning just a bit over 9% more cash than what we’re taking in and we see that as a well worthwhile investment).

3. Q. What guarantee do I have that you are going to perform and that you are going to pay out if I win or return my money if I don't?

A. Not only is this the only raffle ever devised where nobody loses, but it is also the only raffle in the world sponsored by a country's Deputy Financial Regulator. Yes, Vanuatu Registry Services Ltd. (VRS) is the Deputy Commissioner of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) and they have undertaken to sponsor this raffle, seeing it as a major promotional campaign for Vanuatu. VRS is an offshore services company that provides Vanuatu International companies and wealth protection services to High Net Worth Individuals (HiNWI) on behalf of the Vanuatu government. Details about VRS can be found at and at the VFSC government website

4. Q. What if this raffle is not legal and my money will get tied up in lengthy legal wrangles?

A. The raffle is conducted under Vanuatu law with an express exemption from registration granted by the Department of Customs and Inland Revenue in Vanuatu (displayed on the website) under which the only restriction is that Vanuatu residents cannot purchase tickets (otherwise it would have required a gambling licence). Also, we shall not sell tickets in jurisdictions where this would be illegal.

5. Q. How do I know that you got your numbers right and there isn’t some flaw in the system that will collapse it?

A. We know what we're doing! The system was designed by the only man in the world whose algorithm won the 1st prize in lotteries 14 times. The main object of the raffle is promotion of our Prospectus and of Vanuatu, through exposure to a wide audience*.